Welcome to the Astrology in Ashland website

The astrology community of southern Oregon is growing. We have a wonderful sense of community here, and this site is an outgrowth of that. It is our joy to open our community up to all – those local, and guests from around the world. We hope you enjoy your visit and return again.

Astrology in Ashland is another name for SONCGR, the Southern Oregon Chapter of NCGR, the National Council for Geocosmic Research. See the “About NCGR” page for more info.

Astrology in Ashland was born in June of 2000, and began public meetings in the fall of 2000. We now meet on the third Monday of each month, September thru May, at Hidden Springs, 1651 Siskiyou Blvd. Ashland, to learn more about, and share, our love of astrology. Each month we have one or more astrologers speaking on subjects that are at the core of their work. We are extremely lucky to have a wealth of astrological experience, expertise and wisdom available to us in the Rogue Valley with internationally known astrologers Mary Plumb and Dana Gerhardt, along with a handful of long time practitioners who are ready and willing to share their knowledge.

In addition, we have many other talented astrologers throughout the state that we invite to speak to our group. And, most importantly, we have the input and insight of people like you, the folks who are not necessarily doing astrology professionally or lecturing to an audience, but have their own life experiences and observations to share, which is really what astrology is all about.

We welcome and invite you to join us, no matter what your level of interest or expertise may be. For further information, call Doug Kellogg at 541-482-8988.