About NCGR

NCGR is a national non-profit member organization that supports education and research in geocosmic studies. Geocosmic pertains to the study of correspondences and cycles that relate earthly events with celestial phenomena.

Of high priority is the exploration of human nature within personal and social contexts. NCGR recognizes many paths leading to the discovery of knowledge. The Council is dedicated to the idea of scientific advancement through cross-fertilization of ideas between traditional and nontraditional modes of inquiry. Essential to this approach is the collaboration among such disciplines as astrology, astronomy, biology, physics, psychology, and medicine.

The education department offers four levels of certification working to promote a level of competency and professionalism within the growing field of astrologers worldwide, and the research department aids those engaged in innovative research.

The Council publishes a monthly member letter, and twice yearly a magazine called the NCGR Journal. The Council also puts on national and regional conferences, and supports the growth and development of local chapters and special interest groups.